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Larissa  |  Be Moments Studio

Hello there! I'm Larissa of Be Moments Studio; a modern, fine art portrait studio located amidst the inspiring and eclectic vibes of East Austin. In my portrait work, I seek out the soulful, authentic, oft-hidden sides of the many humans that choose to place themselves in front of my camera. 

Portraiture is a very wide category.

I photograph men, women, and children of all ages. But, whether it's working with my 'personal branding' commercial clients or my littlest clients and their parents, it is a humbling, heart-tickling experience every time. When I'm with a client or when I'm editing their images, I am continually inspired by moments of joy, giddiness, breathlessness, and often-times, those elusive tears that evoke both great happiness, and deep sadness, as I recognize that sameness + oneness in each of us... our flawed and brilliant humanness. 

Capturing someone, deeply, in a forever piece of portrait art, leaves me awestruck more times than I can possibly count. I love connecting with my clients one-on-one, sweetly digging in to the moment.

When our time together concludes, I hope to leave you with something you'll adore for the rest of your life.

I don't box myself into a genre. I am not a 'family photographer'. I am not a 'wedding photographer'. I am a photographer of humans 'be'ing... 'be'ing in the moment.

Hence, the name 'be' moments.

I am especially fond of capturing humans interacting!

Love is my favorite subject.

Emotions - my favorite medium.

Blending it all together into a palpable, two-dimensional capture.

And, I can’t list my loves without mentioning my son Kai. That’s him above. He keeps me grateful and in stitches! We rock our little duo ( 1 + 1 = family ).

My number one goal is to help you preserve the 'now' before it becomes 'yesterday'. 

Photographs are the gate-keepers of our memories. Without them, so much is lost in the passing of time. 

I would love to chat today, and find out how I can serve, delight, and create lasting moments for you...